Hollywood sci-fi space action movie ‘Helios’ to feature Aerospacelab satellite constellation

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Global Satellite Manufacturer To Help Space Heroes
Save the World

Space Tech Expo Europe, Bremen, Germany, November 14th, 2023 – (PR NewswireAerospacelab, a fast-growing company specialized in designing, manufacturing and operating small satellites, Centerboro Productions, a leading entertainment media company and producer of high-quality feature films and episodic television, and All in Films, a full-service film and entertainment studio based in Los Angeles, announced today at the Space Tech Expo in Bremen,  Germany, an agreement to be a corporate sponsor in a cross-promotional deal to feature the use of an Aerospacelab-branded satellite constellation in a key role, enabling the main heroine-scientist to save Earth in the upcoming sci-fi space action blockbuster Hollywood film, Helios. After directing the starry ensemble cast featured in the recently-released Miranda’s Victim, a drama led by Abigail Breslin (Vertical Entertainment), filmmaker and writer Michelle Danner has set the sci-fi action-thriller Helios as her next big feature.

Aerospacelab, with its global expansion as an expert satellite manufactureris led by its Founder and CEO, Benoît Deper – the company that will soon be behind Europe’s largest satellite megafactory, forecasting a production capability of 500 spacecraft per year.  “We are thrilled to join forces with Centerboro Productions and All In Films, and share a bit of our space knowledge in their upcoming movie, Helios! For us, being a part of a Hollywood production that is set to demonstrate how our technology can be utilized in critical situations -such as saving the world-  is just incredibly unique and exciting,” said CEO, Benoît Deper.

“We are delighted to team up with Aerospacelab. It is a perfect fit for the space-themed story in our Helios movie, which highlights the use of their cutting-edge satellites in our sci-fi action thriller. We really want to make a film that shows how low earth orbit will actually be like in the year 2030 that is authentic in space technology, and that demonstrates the true solutions available to humanity in a time of crisis. Helios will be attractive to a global audience and a fun thrill-ride popcorn movie,” said Patricia A. Beninati, producer, writer, and president of Centerboro Productions.

“A spaceplane plus crew launches to orbit in a moment of urgency in our Helios movie production, enabling advanced space technology being developed by real companies today to be activated by our film’s heroine” said executive producer, Robert Feierbach. “In highlighting Aerospacelab’s brand as the satellite network in Helios, we aim to demonstrate all technology displayed in our Hollywood movie to be as realistic as possible in the near future, as a mission heads to space to save our planet.”

Set in 2030, the action-thriller tells  the story of a spaceship, Helios, and its crew during their urgent mission to the International Space Station (ISS). When a gigantic solar flare from an incoming cataclysmic solar storm hits the station, it is up to astronomer and former NASA Astronaut Jess Denver and Air Force Colonel Sam Adler to team up and save humanity. Helios is written by Patricia A. Beninati (Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery), Michael K. Anderson (The Wonder Show), and Bernard Moore (Helios).

Helios is a coproduction of All In Films and Centerboro Productions, with producers’ president, producer & writer Patricia A. Beninati, (Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery) Todd Slater of Convoke Media (King of Killers), Marilyn G. Haft (Grace is Gone), Michelle Danner (Miranda’s Victim), Valerie Debler (The Runner), Alexandra Guarnieri, (Miranda’s Victim), and Brian Drillinger (Extra Innings) and Robert Feierbach (Earthfall), both serving as an executive producers.

Aerospacelab joins a growing list of prestigious space companies that boarded as corporate brand sponsors for the Helios feature film, including United Launch Alliance (ULA), featuring the use of its Vulcan Rocket, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, featuring the Orbital Reef Space Station, and more space industry companies to be announced soon.

The producers are planning to disclose more details soon, including cast, and are eyeing an early 2024 shoot.

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All in Films is a full-service film and entertainment studio based in Los Angeles, founded by award-winning director, producer and acting coach Michelle Danner and attorney, producer and writer Valerie Debler. Its mission is simple: To craft quality content across all media and budgets. All In Films recently produced Miranda’s Victim starring Abigail Breslin, Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson, Andy Garcia and Donald Sutherland which is set to premiere in the fall of 2023 and already garnering buzz and awards at Film Festivals

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