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AEROSPACELAB is democratizing access to space for a more connected, informed & secure humanity

We are committed to making a meaningful difference in our world by tackling global challenges as an international team that embraces diversity across knowledge, cultures, and industries.

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Our team is purpose-built to balance deep domain space and technology experience with disruptive innovation, creativity, and speed.

Innovation is essential for growth and success. That's why pushing boundaries and challenging norms to drive positive change is in our DNA.

Since 2018, we are advancing satellite systems and services to meet our customers' ambitious business objectives and are committed to go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

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Risk reduction flight mission

In 2021, Aerospacelab launched its first satellite aboard SpaceX Transporter-2 mission on a Falcon 9 rocket to test and validate its proprietary technologies in orbit.

From 1 to 100 collaborators

In just under four years, our dedication to challenge the space sector has managed to attract talents from all over Europe to reach the 100 employee milestone.

Aerospacelab north america

In 2023, we opened our US branch! A significant step in our company's expansion and growth to better serve our customers and build stronger relationships with partners and stakeholders in the region.

4 satellites in one go

Early 2024, we propelled our know-how to the next level with the simultaneous launch of four satellites carrying two new payloads: RFS (3) and VHR (1). How quickly can we advance in space technology? Fast, very fast.


International branches




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European hub

European hub

U.S. Hub
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Innovation & manufacturing center

Our 2000m² Operational In-house Satellite Factory has a production capacity of 50 satellites a year. Operational since Q3, 2022, the factory includes a 550m² cleanroom (ISO 7 & ISO 5) and 350m² of laboratories dedicated to assembling, testing, processing and integrating our subsystems and satellites.



With a production capacity of up to 500 satellites a year, our future megafactory, the 3rd largest satellite production plant in the world, is on for 2026!


Benoit Deper

Benoît Deper

CEO + Founder

Before founding AEROSPACELAB in 2018, Benoît held pivotal roles that shaped his expertise in the aerospace industry, notably as the Lead Engineer & CTO of Swiss Space Systems, driving technological innovation and strategic direction. Prior to this, he gained valuable experience as a Research Associate at the IMD Business School, and as a Young Graduate Trainee in the Systems Engineering directorate at the European Space Agency.

Tina Ghataore

Tina Ghataore

CSRO + CEO North America

Prior to joining AEROSPACELAB, Tina served as Chief Commercial Officer of Mynaric and President of Mynaric USA where she led the company’s efforts to position Mynaric as the preferred laser communication provider for aerospace application for both government and commercial markets.

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