Aerospacelab satellites are operational post-launch

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Satellites launched on SpaceX Transporter-10 fully commissioned in record time

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 8, 2024 – Aerospacelab successfully commissioned its recently launched satellites and is processing data from its’ deployed Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite. The Aerospacelab VHR satellite is designed to capture imagery of the Earth's surface at the submeter-to-pixel scale and combines data from the visible spectrum.

Aerospacelab launched a total of four satellites on SpaceX’s Tranporter-10 mission on March 4 including three Radio Frequency Sensing (RFS) satellites and one VHR satellite. The RFS satellites flying in formation are scanning radio frequencies in the 0.1-18Ghz frequencies while geolocating signal source. Satellite-based imagery and Radio Frequency Data collection and insights gained from the four satellites can provide valuable insights for commercial organizations, institutions and government organizations.

“Just a month after our launch, our team quickly commissioned each individual satellite,” said Tina Ghataore, CEO of Aerospacelab North America. “Our tasking tools are being used to address key customer use cases that support operational service delivery."

Building on a heritage of Versatile Satellite Platforms at Technical Readiness Level 9 (TRL-9), Aerospacelab’s satellites are built leveraging their vertical sourcing of avionic sub-systems, integration and testing, all of which enables control of its supply chain. This approach to vertical integration is paving the way for optimized and cost-effective access to space.

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About Aerospacelab 

Founded in 2018, Aerospacelab is an emerging figure in the aerospace sector, showcasing a remarkable achievement of 8 satellites successfully deployed in orbit. We pride ourselves on our dedication to vertical integration and TRL9 implementation, solidifying our commitment to driving innovation in the space industry. With our operations strategically placed in various locations, including the US, Aerospacelab remains steadfast in its mission to deliver pioneering solutions for our diverse customer community.