Successful deployment for Aerospacelab’s four new satellites

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Palo Alto (CA), United States, 6 March 2024 – 8:30am UTC – Aerospacelab, a fast-growing company specialized in designing, manufacturing and operating small satellites at scale, is pleased to announce that at the heels of its sixth anniversary, it has now doubled its in-orbit heritage with four more satellites in space deployed from Vandenberg Space Force Station in California, United States, on March 4th at 2.05pm PT on a Falcon 9 rocket aboard SpaceX's Transporter-10 mission. A few hours after they successfully lifted off from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E), the four satellites already safe and nominal mark the company’s history as they amplify its track record speed to deliver and broaden its range of applications with turnkey satellite solutions onboarding two new payload types.

With an international presence and a commitment to innovation, agility, and operational efficiency, Aerospacelab continues to ramp up its expertise as it simultaneously reinforces its global footprint. Built upon the heritage of Aerospacelab’s tried-and-tested Versatile Satellite Platform (VSP), which utilizes in-house developed avionics subsystems, the trio of Radio Frequency Sensing satellites nicknamed “Riri”, “Fifi” and “Loulou” will play a crucial role in modern intelligence operations while the Very High Resolution satellite nicknamed “Rose” will capture detailed images of Earth's surface.

With this new launch, the largest ever executed by the company, arises an opportunity for Aerospacelab to demonstrate its expertise in vertical manufacturing integration as well as its ability to rapidly develop and deploy new types of payloads supporting a broad range of applications.

For Benoit Deper, CEO and founder of Aerospacelab, “this new launch accelerates the company's flight heritage and further demonstrates our production capabilities as our team has, after 4 hours, verified that all systems are functioning as expected. This successful deployment brings us one step closer to achieving our constellation mission goals and we look forward to utilizing this valuable new asset in our research and operations!”

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About Aerospacelab

Founded in 2018, Aerospacelab is an emerging figure in the aerospace sector, showcasing a remarkable achievement of 8 satellites successfully deployed in orbit. We pride ourselves on our dedication to vertical integration and TRL9 implementation, solidifying our commitment to driving innovation in the space industry.  

With our operations strategically placed in various locations, including the US, Aerospacelab remains steadfast in its mission to deliver pioneering solutions for our diverse customer community.