Vyoma awards Aerospacelab contract for its second space surveillance satellite

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Aerospacelab VSP-50 to carry optical payload for space situational awareness (SSA) data

June 13, 2024 - Vyoma selected Aerospacelab for a contract for a microsatellite, flying Vyoma’s second Space Situational Awareness (SSA) optical payload, scheduled for launch from the end of 2025. The mission advances Vyoma’s 12-satellite Flamingo constellation designed for the acquisition and provision of low-latency, high-fidelity space-based SSA data. 

As part of the contract, Aerospacelab will provide its Versatile Satellite Platform-50 (VSP-50) to host Vyoma’s optical payload, and will provide the manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing service for the mission. This includes not only the integration of the payload, but satellite integration onto the launch vehicle, followed by launch and early-orbit phase and commissioning once in orbit. This mission is the successor of Vyoma’s pilot (first-generation) satellite, due for launch in February 2025. 

“The second-generation satellite technology will significantly improve our in-orbit space surveillance and tracking operations, to acquire data with unprecedented precision,” said Dr. Luisa Buinhas, Chief Program Officer for Vyoma. “Overall, our growing surveillance constellation will foster a safer and more secure space environment, empowering intelligence officers and operators to make effective operational decisions.”  

This is the second commercial contract to date for Aerospacelab’s VSP-50, which relies on the proven heritage and successes of its VSP-150. The company currently operates six VSP-150, including four that were launched on SpaceX Transporter-10 mission. Aerospacelab recently announced that all four of its satellites were commissioned in record time and are fully operational. 

“Commercial industry will accelerate the deployment of critical space capability,” said Benoit Deper, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Aerospacelab. “We are one of the most vertically integrated satellite manufacturers able to rapidly produce satellite buses and integrate payloads for a diverse set of missions—it comes down to affordability, timeline and reducing risk. We see more value in the investment for our customers based on satellite platform specifications." 

About Aerospacelab

Founded in 2018, Aerospacelab is an emerging figure in the aerospace sector, showcasing a remarkable achievement of 8 satellites successfully deployed in orbit. We pride ourselves on our dedication to vertical integration and TRL-9 implementation, solidifying our commitment to driving innovation in the space industry. With our operations strategically placed in various locations, including the U.S., Aerospacelab remains steadfast in its mission to deliver pioneering solutions for our diverse customer community. Aerospacelab recently broke ground on its Megafactory, the world’s third largest satellite manufacturing facility, scheduled to begin operations in 2026.

About Vyoma

Vyoma is a Munich-based company that leverages ground-based and soon, space-based data to empower automated satellite operations. Officially founded in August 2020, Vyoma enables real-time space traffic management in congested orbits around Earth. While space is becoming increasingly crowded, Vyoma provides safe and automated satellite operations services, drastically reducing mission costs for its customers. The company’s operations services range from detection of close approaches between satellites and debris and optimisation of manoeuvres, all the way to full automation. Vyoma tends to operators, reinsurers, and space agencies. As a participant in the EU Commission and ESA programs for Space Domain Awareness (SDA) technology development, Vyoma relies on a specialised workforce of 30+ engineers and scientists.

For media inquiries, please contact Jackie Gutmann at jaclyn.gutmann@aerospacelab.com